Is Elementary Texas Teachers Death a Conspiracy Created to be Healthcare Scare?


Heather Holland: A thirty eight year old elementary school teacher and mother of two from Texas has passed away from expensive copay for flu medicine.

I came across this story on my Facebook newsfeed. There is no doubt that the flu is spreading like crazy recently. I decided to do some more research on this story in particular.

The story is that Holland had the flu and her copay for the medication was $116. Holland refused to pay for the medicine which landed her in the hospital Friday evening. That Saturday she was placed on dialysis and went into septic shock on Sunday, February 4th.

Checking the Source

Inquisitr is the website in which this story has circulated. Before reading this story, I have never heard nor seen this website before. I decided to do some searching on their website. I came across their about page that included their mission and goals of the site.

The Inquisitr aims to publish quality news articles and make them accessible to readers worldwide, while providing the best possible quality and experience to those seeking useful and timely news information. Our ability to achieve those goals depends on covering recent events, providing original content, and offering our visitors accountability and readability. 

Sounds pretty legit but I wanted to dig deeper than that. The sites prides itself on reporting original and unique stories, which gives me a feeling that some of these stories have a potential to be made up.

When I googled the credibility of the website, a Snopes archive was a search result. I began to read the articles that Inquisitr were tagged in and the results were interesting. Most of the fact-checked articles that were appearing on the website, were checked as FALSE.

There was even one instance where they reported a story that was false and tried to pass it on as if it were real news. How is that for original content?

The Story 

When I searched “Heather Holland” into the google search bar only Facebook profiles, sponsored ads and the Inquistir article. This was a red flag for me.

However, a little scrolling later and I found a GoFundMe Page made for Holland by what seems to be a relative. The story states: 

Beloved Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, and Friend…a heavenly angel taken too soon! Heather Michelle Holland, age 38, of Willow Park, Texas, (and 2nd grade teacher at Ikerd Elementary School) passed away on Sunday, February 4th, 2018 due to complications from the flu.

The story did not mention the specifics of Holland’s death however it was flu related. The other things that were mentioned on the page such as her age, location and occupation all checked out to be accurate which was a good sign.

An update on the story also mentioned a Good Morning America segment. The segment contained information about the current flu epidemic and a mention of the death of Holland due to “flu complications.”

Digging Deeper 

I decided to dig a little deeper and search through Texas based news sites to try and get more details about Holland’s death to see if the copay was really the issue. I came across an article on Dallas News. The article states:

Holland started to feel sick about a week ago and went to a doctor Wednesday, her husband told NBC5. She had begun taking TamiFlu, but after her illness worsened she was admitted to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth late Friday. 

The article mentions Holland taking the Tamiflu, the medication in which she could not afford according to Inquisitr. The mention of NBC5 linked me to their article in which Holland’s story is shared. The article described an interview in which her husband, Frank Holland, had with the Wall Street Journal. Frank had described his wife as “frugal” and when she noticed the price of the Tamil medication, she decided not to purchase it.

However, Frank says that he went back to the store and purchased it for his wife. A few days after taking the medication, Heather was checked into the hospital which then led to death.


Heather Holland did pass away due to Influenza. Heather Holland did not pass away due to the price of the medication. Holland was taking the medication when she passed. The headline that Inquisitr posted makes readers get angry about the healthcare policy and systems. It is no doubt that we are currently within a flu epidemic however the healthcare policy has nothing to do with the case of Heather Holland.

Although anti-viral drugs, such as Tamiflu, can help treat the flu it can not prevent people from getting it. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting the flu vaccination. The CDC has a lot of information about the flu on their we

bsite including signs of the flu, how to care for the flu, how to treat the flu and how to prevent yourself from getting the flu.


It is important to research things before getting upset or angered by a situation. Many people on twitter have angrily tweeted about Holland’s case and demand something be done about healthcare policies. However, in this situation it was not a healthcare issue. Fact checking is essential especially in today’s world because so many things are false and made up.


(Draft) Texas Teacher Dies From Lack of Flu Medication?!

Heather HollandA thirty eight year old elementary school teacher and mother of two from Texas has passed away from expensive copay for flu medicine. 

The story is that Holland had the flu and her copay for the medication was $116. Holland refused to pay for the medicine which landed her in the hospital Friday evening. That Saturday she was placed on dialysis and went into septic shock on Sunday, February 4th.

Advice from the Writing Center 2/14 

Fact Checking : 

-new title: conspiracy for healthcare companies?!

-primary source, date/ author/ publication/ likes, = whose commenting on it, what are the tags? whose mentioned? = See how much of that is true

-relative stories, global, area(Texas), local

-Readers Digest, Mayo Clinic, doctor show, Texas general hospital,

-News feed, News Tv, AMA- American medical association


False? Why? So healthcare can benefit from the death of without a flu shot? benefit from this story financially.

Fact-Check #5: Possible Claims for Truth-O-Meter

1.Heather Holland, a teacher in Houston Texas, died because she couldn’t afford flu medicine? 

  • The flu is going around like crazy right now. This would be good the truth o meter post because it is relevant to today’s flu epidemic and issues with health care. The story is new and would catch readers attention. There is also a chance that the story is false therefore it would clarify what the readers are paying attention to.

2. Smoking in the car with children is going to be illegal? 

  • I have seen this story all over my Facebook news feed. Smoking in the car with children will be illegal starting in March. I haven’t done much research into this story therefore I think it would be good to fact check this for my truth o meter.

3. Spirt Airlines told a customer to flush her hamster down the toilet? 

  • I have also seen this story on my Facebook newsfeed. It sounds a bit crazy and humorous therefore I think it would really be a good truth o meter post to analyze and do some research on this post to see if it is true or not.

4. Trumpy Bear coming to stores near you?

  • A new product is rumored to enter the market. Trumpy bear is a teddy bear who resembles our current president, Donald Trump. Readers are questioning where and when they can buy this bear and if its even true. This is a tad humorous and I am unsure if the story is true or not therefore I think it would be a good product to fact check for the truth o meter.


Fact-Check #4: New Study Shows That Drinking Two Glasses Of Wine A Day Is Good For Your Mind?!

Say whaaa?! Before we get excited and find the closest liquor store possible… lets figure out if this study is legit.

I first came across this study on, a site I have never heard of before.

The author of the Article is Tiffany Thomas, whose bio states “Writer.Multi-tasker. Wine Drinker.” The bio that I read didn’t say much about her education or professional experience. So my first thoughts were that the author could just be making this up in order to feel about her wine obsession. The site showed her recent articles for the website that date back to November 6th, 2015. Her articles vary from political, pop culture and multiple research studies.

Within the first couple of paragraphs in the article, Thomas links credible sources that vary from the World Health Association along with the center of disease control. However, these sources are used not for the benefits of drinking alcohol but for the negatives. Thomas then turns it around and provides articles in which researchers have proven that alcohol can lower diabetes and improve heart health. Both of these studies were performed by the Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical practice and research group based in Minnesota. Overall the research that they have done appeared to be legit.

The research in which Thomas discusses in the article was an experiment done on mice. Mice are known to have a higher metabolism than humans therefore could this study really be accurate ? Within the article, Thomas states:

“Still, there’s no question that heavy drinking is dangerous on multiple levels. So much so that, if you’re not already a drinker, none of the potential health benefits is a good enough reason to start. There are plenty of other ways to boost cardiovascular and brain health that don’t risk the litany of health problems and possible dependence or addiction concerns that come with daily alcohol use.” 

 So basically what Thomas and researchers are saying is that wine has some benefits when it comes to diabetes and even heart issues but drinking consistently and excessively is dangerous and not encouraged.

Bottomline: Drinking a glass or two of wine at the end of a tough day won’t hurt you but it won’t cure all of your issues either.

Fact-Check #3: How Reliable is Fox News?

Fox News was is a basic cable channel providing viewers with “news.”

However, the real question is : How reliable is their “news?”

Throughout the years, Fox News has been involved with a long list of controversial issues such as sexual harassment, racial discrimination, pro-republican and pro-trump bias, false claims about other news stations and many others.

According to Politifact  30% of statements made on Fox News have been proven to be false.

When I typed “is fox news real news?” into the google search bar, I found an article from The Daily Dot targeting Fox News by telling readers to stop giving them credibility.

They even shared a Vine, a six second video, posted from The Daily Show with 50 lies or false information that Fox News has told. From the vine, Politifact has fact checked all 50 and reported the statements to be false.

Bottom Line:  It wouldn’t hurt to fact-check “news” from Fox News. 

Fact-Check #2: Is the Owner of Jimmy Johns a Trophy Hunter?

Wikipedia defines trophy hunting as the selective hunting of wild game for human recreation. The trophy is the animal or part of the animal kept, and usually displayed, to represent the success of the hunt. The game sought is typically a large or impressively ornamented male, such as one having large horns or antlers. Generally, only parts of the animal are kept as a trophies (usually the head, skin, horns or antlers) and the carcass itself is used for food or donated to the local community.


(Image from Jimmy Johns )

Jimmy John Liataud, owner of Jimmy Johns (pictured above) has been shown in photos holding wild animals (most endangered) that have been killed with a huge smile on his face. Recently the photos have been going viral on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Since the photos have become viral people have boycotted Jimmy Johns in a result. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to the boycotting of the restaurant.


Screen-Shot-2016-02-26-at-10.29.45-AM[1]                   (Above Image from Twitter)

Although, big game hunting is legal in some parts of the world, citizens do not agree with the act. Many posts on Facebook are from angry users that plan on boycotting the restaurant due to the owners “inhumane acts.”

Snopes has declared that the owner of Jimmy Johns, Jimmy John Liataud, is in fact a big game hunter.

(Image from Sporting Classics Daily)

And although the posts about this have started around 2011, they are still circulating on the web throughout all platforms. Business Insider also did a report about this story and the effects it had on the community, following the incident of the killing of Cecil, the lion from Zimbabwe that was hunted and killed due to trophy hunting.


(Above Image from BBC)

Will you be boycotting Jimmy Johns?

Fact-Check #1: Free Bud Light for Philly Philly?

It all started with a preseason interview with Lane Johnson, offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles. Johnson told reporters “I have a lot to prove to this city. I think if we have a few big years and make the playoffs and if we win a Super Bowl, I’m giving out beer to everybody.”

ESPN did some research and “according to the 2016 census, the city of Philadelphia has a population of around 1.5 million. Of that number, roughly 75 percent are adults. If he bought a drink for every of-age man and woman in Philly at $3 a pop, he’d ring up a bar bill of around $3 million.” Philly fans were going crazy about this comment but trying not to get their hopes up doubting that he was a man of his word and not to mention the Eagles haven’t seen a super bowl game since 2004.

But then came an unbelievable response from Bud Light’s twitter account:

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 12.11.12 PM

Johnson replied with a tweet that states “This one’s for you Philly *insert beer emoji*”

Well, little did Johnson, Philly fans and Bud light know.. the Philadelphia Eagles will be up against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

This has fans asking questions such as this tweet from @handsomejawn

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 12.59.51 PM

Everyone expected Bud light to be like:

  But so far they are sticking with their word and Philly fans are not letting Bud light forget about it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 1.24.21 PM After a fan tweeted “@Budlight Someone owes Philly a beer #flyeaglesfly”

Bud light responded with this tweet:

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 1.23.37 PM On February 4th, 2018 we shall see the turn out of the Super Bowl and if Philly Philly will be awarded with their dilly dilly.